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We are "in process" of building this site. Our formal launch was scheduled for December 2014. This was delayed over a year through legal complications over our pilot scheme site. Those problems should be resolved in the very near future (2016). We apologise for the delay but there has not been much we could do about any of it. We will completely revamp this site as soon as we can. Much is changing and there is some real progress on the ground. Our area of focus is currently in the upland areas around Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines. We hope you find this site interesting and informative - we welcome constructive suggestions:



The site of the proposed dew pond - a research project to establish the impacts on bio-diversity by introducing an area of standing fresh water. The site has been carefully selected to be at the top of a ridge located within an organic farm. There is no possibility of contamination from any chemical run-offs from surrounding areas.



The site

Views from the ridge location: